Monday, October 13, 2014

October #wipmadness – Week 2

Between helping my nephew with the final touches of his science project that is due tomorrow (I am so over Styrofoam and felt. And glue that doesn't bond with either) and trying to set up online payments for bills, I am completely without ideas for a good check-in post.

But sitcom idea #1 made an appearance late Saturday night as I was trying to fall asleep. The entire first scene of the show appeared to me and the main character spoke the intro to the show. I made myself turn my light back on and typed up the scene the best I could. (Note to self: Try the voice memo also, so there’s less intrusive light from the electronics.)

I think it’s a good start, so now I might have to figure out which idea to focus on. 

I guess there are worst problems to have. Like craft glue that won’t stick to craft items. J

I think there is a metaphor there somewhere about ineffective glue and the storytelling process, perhaps something like if one way doesn’t work, then try another way. And if that way doesn’t work, it might be time to try another way or ask for help. Hey, I found the metaphor!

Anyway, I hope your writing is going well. And if you are like me and have ran into bad glue, take a step back and think, “what else can I do?”

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian wipmadnessers.

Pie. I think we all need a big piece of pie. Or chocolate.

See you next week!


  1. Yes, Happy Thanksgiving, Canadian friends (and American friends, I plan to celebrate again with you, because I do love a turkey dinner!)

    I've been super busy with my new book release, FOREIGN EXCHANGE, but I'm excited to see it out there in the world!

  2. Haven't been writing this week, but I'll be back at it eventually. Looking forward to several friends' book releases, including Denise's and Shari's, that are happening right now. That's always good for a shot of inspiration. :)

  3. Finally back on the #wipmadness circuit after many months of silence! Been so long that I'm sad to say I don't even recognize many of the folks using the hashtag anymore... :(

    My debut novel ESSENCE was released in June, and I have been struggling with crippling sophomore-itis ever since. My desire to write has finally trumped my fear of failing, so... I'm back! Working on a totally new project, about 11,000 words in... Feels good to get those papers filled again.

    Hope you are all doing well, too!