Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September #wipmadness – Week Five

Since today is the last day of September, I thought it would be fitting to wrap the September 2014 edition of #wipmadness today instead of yesterday. (That and after a weekend of helping my nephew catch up on missing math assignments and complete a study guide for the novel they read exhausted much of my energy Sunday night. I truly don’t know how you parents do it, especially those who homeschool. You are truly heroes in my book.)

As I look at my goal for September, I remind myself that a new month begins tomorrow. And that there is less (fewer?) than 100 days left of 2014. 100 days (about 92 remaining if you like exact numbers) is plenty of time to devote to a WIP. I've been waffling back and forth about whether to write a page a day for the next 92 days or to write for an hour a day for the next 92 days. I’m not quite at the drafting stage for either TV show idea. And my novel has been on the shelf so long, I think my characters have already graduated college. But nonetheless October means I still have three months to squeeze as much writing time out of 2014 as I can and be able to start 2015 with plenty of steam and all that pesky prewriting done, prepped, and organized.

So I’m extending my September goal into October, but am adding weekly goals to kick my butt into shape. I’ll announce what those goals are next week, because guess what?

I’ll be hosting #wipmadness for October!!!

So how was your month? Did you reach your goal for the month? Are you extending your goal into October too? Or is it time for a new goal?

And now for the long awaited giveaway announcement:

My friend and sometimes writing partner, Jenn, graciously made this bracelet:

If skulls aren't your thing, she can replace them with different beads. She can also add an r to write to make it a writer bracelet. She will include the clasp of your choice: lobster clasp, toggle clasp or an adjustable clasp. (A toggle clasp is shown.) You can also select the length you'd like. I think this one is about 7.25 inches in length. If you have any questions about the bracelet, please let me know and I can forward any questions to Jenn.

If you would like to be entered into the giveaway, please include that in your check-in comment.

I’ll announce the giveaway winner by Friday on Twitter and here on the blog.

Hope you have a wonderful last day of September, and I’ll see you next week.


  1. Aww, what a nice bracelet! Thank your friend for her donation. I will not put myself in the running, as I have a ton of jewelry but rarely wear any of it.

    My September was kind of a write-off for goals, but I did get a lot accomplished. Unfortunately it was all mostly stuff that was thrown at me during the month. I have a short story I hoped to write by the end of September, so that's first on my priority list for October. Plus organizing and plotting out my upcoming NaNo project. I also have a script to work on, but I suspect that will have to wait until December.

    Thanks for hosting this month and next, Chris!

  2. My September goals kept evolving all month. I got very little done on the new WIP I'd planned to work on, but I'm still happy with my progress -- I alternated between edits on my contracted YA and PitchWars revisions on a MG. And today I sent in the final proofs on the YA, so that felt like a great way to end the month! Tomorrow, it's back to work on the MG...if I can switch gears again, lol.

    Thanks, Chris, for being a great host for us! :D

  3. Thanks for continuing to host our #wipmadness efforts, Chris. At this point I can't even remember what my September goals were!! I think just to keep on keeping on with my WIP. I was away for the first week of the month, wrote a non-fiction piece to submit for a contest the next week, and helped family members with preparations for a wedding that happened this past weekend. Any other writing was tucked into random moments of my days (and nights), but I didn't get a lot done.

    I have an 'Introduction to NaNoWriMo' presentation to put together for later in October, so this week I want to do some initial planning for that. I'm trying not to look too far ahead with any novel writing goals. I think it will be one thing at a time this month. :)

    1. Oh, I also meant to comment on the bracelet! How nice of your friend to donate it. It's lovely!

  4. Ay, revising this current project has been harder than the last one! Also been working on my part of a panel presentation at Kidlitcon next week. Trying to find sites where bloggers can get books with diversity.

    Thanks for hosting this month too! And that bracelet is really cute!