Monday, September 1, 2014

Welcome to September #WIPMADNESS

Hello and welcome to my blog, Shortstop in the Sourdough. I’m honored to be your host for the September 2014 edition of #wipmadness.

I've always liked it when a new month begins on a Sunday or a Monday as it gives a double fresh start to the week as well as the month. And today being Labor Day in the U.S. (and Labour Day in Canada) makes today a triple fresh start to this month’s wipmadness. 

As you can tell from my older posts, I’m not the most prolific blogger, I’m pretty much the opposite of prolific. Let’s go with having a major case of being a blocked blogger slash writer. But a new month means a new start and this month I am jumpstarting my love and commitment to writing and to blogging.

My goal for this month is to select a writing project (or two) and actually make progress on it. I keep waffling (yum, waffles) between a few screenplay ideas, two TV pilot ideas, a short story, and a YA novel. So I figure I want to commit myself to working at least on one of the screenplay or pilot ideas as well as working on the novel.

So my question to you this week is:

What is your goal for this month?


When you have several ideas, how do you choose which idea to work on first? If you have more than one WIP, how do you balance them?
I’m working on a bribing, I mean motivational giveaway of sorts. I just got my car back from its second major service of the summer, so money is a little tight, but I’ll figure something out. I’ll announce the bribes giveaways next week.

Hope you have an awesome week full of writing and discovery. And chocolate. Chocolate is good. And so are waffles.  


  1. Thanks for hosting us this month, Chris. I blogged about September today, too. :) Sundays and Mondays are my favourite days of the week, mostly because I like new beginnings, although I long ago stopped making New Year's Resolutions because I don't like setting myself up for inevitable failure. Figure that one out!

    I don't have 'several ideas' on the go at any one time. When one occurs to me I'll make a brief outline of it in my notebook but then I carry on with the current project, which is whatever inspired the most initial enthusiasm. If I don't commit to finishing one project at a time, I get fragmented and don't finish anything.

    I hope everyone is finding a renewed sense of ambition and commitment as this new month gets underway. Happy writing, everyone!

    I started a new novel back in March, and I plan to continue with it while taking occasional breaks to tweak revisions in an older ms that I think I'll send out soon. No earth-shattering goals, just slow-and-steady ones. Those kind seem to work best for me.

  2. Thanks so much for hosting this month, Chris! I love having new hosts...I feel like I get a chance to know our WIPmadness peeps better!

    I have a few goals for the month - Writing a short story I committed to for an upcoming anthology, revising a screenplay for my book Losing Faith, and revising a YA novel when I get notes back from my CP. As for how I decide which to work first priority is always on what is "needed" from me and what has a deadline. The anthology has a deadline, so I will work on that story first. The other two, I will probably decide by what I'm more in the mood to work on.

    I can't believe it's September already! But I'm looking forward to a productive month!

  3. Thanks for hosting!

    I'm still shaken after being rear ended yesterday as we were pulling into church parking lot. The woman who hit us, goes to our church and wasn't paying attention and hit us so hard, we're lucky no one was hurt. My Rav4 though? Not so good. And school officially starts...tomorrow and I commute. Not happening as I have to get a rental car and do all that fun stuff. At least no one was hurt.

    My goal right now is to just get all of this mess taken care of. Also revisiting my one edgier YA thriller. Redoing the beginning...again. Plus, need to work on my part of a speaking engagement for Kidlitcon next month.

    1. Oh no! Kim, I'm so sorry that happened to you. I hope all the repairs and rental stuff goes smoothly and your back-to-school time doesn't feel too chaotic.

  4. Chocolate! Waffles! Hmm, maybe chocolate waffles?

    Thank you so much for hosting this month. I didn't reach my summer goal, but I refuse to be hard on myself about that. Summer is short and precious, and it renews me in many ways, so I am totally okay with soaking that all up! But now, September! I am eager to buckle down and finish a first draft of a YA I started before summer. I'm waiting on edits for my contracted YA, though, so when they arrive, the first drafting will be put on hold for a bit.

  5. Hello, Lovelies.

    How I've missed you all.

    It's been a monstrous handful of months, including the loss of my aunt and grandmother within weeks of each other, but I'm glad to start September off right with a check-in (albeit a nocturnal one).

    I finished revisions on a story I began a couple years back. It's an MG Adventure. I'm hoping to tweak it this month with the very special help--if luck is in my favor of getting things sorted in the next forty-eight hours--of our very own Denise Jaden.

    Goals for September:

    2) Attend the Western Canada Children's Writers & Illustrators Conference on September 20th. (Excited!!)
    3) Hopefully get precious time to bend the ear of the wonderful Denise Jaden for a manuscript consult for the MG novel.
    4) Get through a full course load this semester in my pursuit of higher learning: Advanced French, back-to-back accelerated Spanish, and Creative Writing. I've been geeking out this past week in anticipation for school. I do feel bad that the younger learners in our area won't be starting on time due to the teachers' strike. I hope that gets sorted soon for everyone's sakes.
    5) I hope to get back into steady blogging and writing with the help of our awesome check-ins.

    Thanks in advance for a great month!