Saturday, March 2, 2013

March Madness Goals 2013

Wipes off a year's worth of dust, hey, I do have a blog! Cool!

So it's that time of year again when the almond trees start blooming and my eyes start watering. The best time of the year since Saint Patrick's Day and my birthday are just around the corner. And it's time for March Madness, both the basketball version and the ubercool being accountable for your writing goals one started by Denise Jaden

This is my third year attempting March Madness, and this year I plan to make it past the first round. I posted my goals there, but am reposting them here for my own sake. 


1. With my writing partner, Jenn B; complete a rough draft of our screenplay. The hope is to have a rough draft by month’s end, revise in April, and submit to a few contests by May 1st.

2. Examine TV pilot ideas and see if anything worth pursuing. Depending on my writing partner’s time and energy, we may tackle one together and try to submit a pilot script to a few contests by June 1. I figure we can use March as to prewrite and then start a draft in April. That way we aren’t in the same stage of two projects at once and can broaden our scope.

3. Create and maintain a master document including notes, research, and other information for the screenplay and possible TV pilot. Once I find a template that works, I plan to apply it to all other works in progress. I tend to get a little carried away with folders, subfolders, and sub sub folders.

4. Design a writing schedule for the rest of the year including daily, weekly, monthly and so on goals and deadlines. And implement said plan. I even have a special planner for keeping myself accountable.

5. Work on other writing. I have a long neglected novel to give some way overdue tender loving care to. I also should work on another TV spec, but I’m waiting for the network upfronts so I know if the shows I’m considering writing for will be renewed.

6. Remember to enjoy writing and not allow myself to be overwhelmed by deadlines.

7. Read, blog, and exercise. I mean a writer has to do something besides write, right?

So it looks like March is going to be a good writing month. I just need to figure out some rewards to offer myself so I don't get off track or distracted....

Look something shiny. :-)

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